James Island neighbors plead for speeders to slow down

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - There have been more than 200 accidents on Folly Road over the last year.

Residents along Bur Clare Drive off of Folly say it's only a matter of time until someone gets hurt on their road because of speeding.

"There are cars and trucks drag racing all the time," said Raymond Covington who has lived off Bur Clare Drive his entire life. "My neighbor's signs that say slow down even got hit."

Covington said he can pinpoint when the speeding started getting worse.

"Since they put that neighborhood there it's been nothing but problems with speeders," Covington said.

The neighborhood he's talking about is Seaside Plantation.

Bur Clare runs directly into the neighborhood.

"They don't care about people walking even with their pets," Covington said. "We're just tired of the speeders."

Neighbors are working to add speed humps to help with the problem.

They are waiting to hear back from the South Carolina Department of Transportation to see if it's possible.

But speeding is an issue that is not just facing Bur Clare Drive.

"A lot of times you have people either coming from Folly Road or going to Folly Road that are usually doing over 40," Chris Marcelli said.

Marcelli lives about a half mile down from Covington on a road off Folly Road as well.

"People forget there is a stop sign and you hear them slam on their brakes all the time," Marcelli said. "I've never seen anyone hit anyone but my mailbox has been knocked over four or five times."

Neighbors add people are using the roads off of Folly as a cut through to avoid traffic especially during rush hour and when traffic is backed up from people going to the beach.

Charleston County Sheriff's Office officials said their Traffic Division has not been notified of any complaints in the area.

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