Residents concerned with street sewage at Ladson neighborhood

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Some residents at Sweetgrass Estates are complaining about sewage seeping into their streets.

In a video sent to Live 5 News from a resident of Sweetgrass Estates you can see a liquid bubbling up through a manhole on the property.

"When it starts backing up, you can smell it. It's sewage," Alan Andrzejczyk said.

He said the sewage overflow has been an ongoing issue since the day he moved in nearly seven years ago.

"Anytime it rains, it backs up into the street," he said."This neighborhood is full of kids, and the kids love playing in the water. They have no clue what they're playing in."

"I'm out here when it rains. It gets bad. It floods to some of these trailers," Sweetgrass Estates resident John Cundiff said. "They're not doing anything about it. It's been doing it for a while, it's even starting to wash the road away."

Andrzejczyk said he believes the neighborhood issue could easily be fixed.

"I would like to see another pump station to help eliminate the waste water. I know there's a ditch they could pump it into," Andrzejczyk said.

The property falls under the jurisdiction of Charleston County,  however the sewage falls under the jurisdiction of the North Charleston Sewer District.

The North Charleston Sewer District representative said that because Sweetgrass Estates is private property, it is the responsibility of the property owner to fix or report any sewage problem.

The representative also said that no complaints about the property have been submitted by the property owner.

"I've asked the property manager several times about what they're going to do about it. They say they're not going to do anything about it," Andrzejczyk said.

He also said he plans to take a sample of the sewage the next time it rains to send it off to the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

"To smell it, to drive your vehicles through it, it's nasty," Andrzejczyk said.

Andrzejczyk said it's one of the main reasons he may find a new place to call home.

"Me and my wife are in the process of looking for somewhere else to live," he said.

The Sweetgrass Estates property owner has not replied to our request for a statement.

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