Coyotes and beach traffic addressed at Isle of Palms meeting

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - The Isle of Palms Public Safety Committee met Wednesday evening and the top thing on the agenda included coyote management and beach parking.

Coyotes on the Isle of Palms are nothing new, but the IOP interim Police Chief Kimberly Usry gave an update on where they stand in trying to manage how many coyotes there are.

"We have captured a total of three coyotes to date," Usry said. "One was in the fox trap and the other two were in the soft leg traps. The latest one was the end of March."

The city was approved to start using Collarum traps, but officers have not been able to put them out yet.

"One of the issues we have is the ground is saturated a lot of times and you have to be able to secure them to something substantial," Usry said.

They're working on a solution to that right now.

In the meantime there are five or six soft leg traps set right now, and officers are checking them two to three times each day.

The Coyote Management Plan was adopted unanimously.

In terms of parking, Usry said they do have help from Mount Pleasant Police and Charleston County on most weekends to help with traffic.

"We agree that on the busy weekends, when we have our mass exodus of people leaving the island, we're able to get a Mount Pleasant officer at Rifle Range to help us with that traffic light."

Usry said anything long term, like adding more lanes or signs, would have to go through and be approved by the SCDOT.

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