Report: Student had 100 rounds of ammo, gun at Goose Creek High School

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say an investigation into a Goose Creek High School student making a threatening gesture to a teacher led deputies to a gun and 100 rounds of ammunition in the student's car at the school's parking lot.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office arrested 19-year-old Julio Cesar Jimenez-Turrubiate of Goose Creek. He received a $50,000 bond on Friday for the charge of having a weapon on school grounds and $10,000 for the unlawful carrying of a pistol charge.

In newly released police reports, on Tuesday afternoon, an SRO received a report that Jimenez came into a class and was asked to leave by a teacher.

Authorities say another teacher said she saw Jimenez hold his hand in the shape of a gun and made a pop noise with his mouth.

The SRO reported that he was unable to make contact with Jimenez on Tuesday since he left campus, and on Wednesday he was not in school.

On Thursday, the SRO and school officials met with Jimenez and asked him if he had anything that he should not have at school "to insure he did not have a weapon like he gestured to the teacher in the previous days."

Jimenez said he did not, and a search of his book bag revealed nothing.

When the deputy asked Jimenez if he had driven to school, Jimenez said he did and asked the SRO if he wanted to search his vehicle.

According to the sheriff's office, as the SRO and school officials were following Jimenez outside, he attempted to text someone, but the principal would not let him.

The deputy reported that once they were outside Jimenez said he forgot that he was parked at CVS, at that point the deputy asked if they could search his vehicle since it was off campus to which Jimenez complied.

A report states Jimenez said he did not see the vehicle and it must have been stolen. The deputy said Jimenez could make a report, and that authorities could check surveillance cameras to see who took the vehicle.

Jimenez told the deputy he did not want to file a report and that his father had the car.

The SRO said he did not feel that Jimenez was not being truthful about the whereabouts of the car and told a school administrator, and both went out to the parking lot where the deputy said he saw a car Jimenez had been in on prior occasions.

The deputy reported smelling marijuana from the car, and asked Jimenez to the parking lot.

As Jimenez and the principal were walking towards the deputy, the principal told the SRO that Jimenez told her that there was a gun in the car.

After getting consent to search the vehicle from Jimenez, the deputy found marijuana in the glove box, a glock box under the passenger seat which contained a gun and two 15 round maagazines.

According to the sheriff's office, there was also a box of 9mm bullets.

BCSO officials say a total of 100 rounds were found.

The deputy said Jimenez told him he did not have a concealed weapons permit or permission from the school to have the weapon.

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