TAKE A STAND: I-526 Completion

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The on-again-off-again I-526 extension project is off again, for now.

Some believed the project was dead, but it may still be on life support.

The State Infrastructure Board voted to delay action after Gov. Henry McMaster requested no action be taken. But the board will take up the vote again in June.

At issue is who pays what. The State Bank had agreed to pay $420 million with the understanding Charleston County taxpayers would fund the remaining $305 million dollars.

The project was in trouble when Charleston County missed a funding deadline, causing the State Bank to pull out of the deal.

Despite the delay, Charleston County remains optimistic.  The governor is telling both sides to work it out and be transparent.  If I-526 is going to be completed, they better hurry up.

Twelve years ago, the price tag was just over $400 million.  Since then it's nearly doubled.

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