Parent upset after school trip detours, son shown guns without her permission

One parent says she didn't give any kind of permission for her child to attend the show (Source: Provided)
One parent says she didn't give any kind of permission for her child to attend the show (Source: Provided)

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Parents in one Lowcountry school district are upset after they say their kids were shown guns without their permission.

Belinda Guice, whose son is in the fifth grade at Williams Memorial Elementary School in Dorchester District 4, said she signed a permission slip for her son to go and tour the middle school to see what it would be like next school year.

After the tour of the middle school, and instead of going back to Williams Memorial Elementary, Guice said the students were taken to a business on 601 Highway 15 in St. George where they were shown guns.

St. George town officials say the business location had previously been a National Guard armory and then, after being sold, served as the town's police station.

"I do not condone guns," Guice said. "No one had my permission, and after the show, my son stated,'Ma, I need a .22 caliber.' My brother at 32 got killed from gun violence. He left four kids behind."

Guice said she reached out to the teacher and principal and said she has not received a response.

"You took away my right, you took away all of these other kids' parents' rights to allow for me to tell you if I want my son to be introduced to this type of stuff," Guice said.

Guice said she also went to the district office and was told they would get back with her and something would be done.

Dorchester District 4 officials released the following statement:

Dorchester Four has a policy which governs all field trips for students.  Generally, the policy requires the trip to first be approved by the principal, superintendent or the Board, depending on the destination of the trip.  The parents are then given consent forms which provides the particulars, including destination.  Once the parents give their consent, the trip must comply with the approval of the District and the parents.  Any deviation is a policy violation which is handled in accordance with District personnel policies.

Guice says she received a call Monday night saying she had been taken off the district's sub list.

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