Charleston Co. Council approves recommendation on Maybank Highway Improvement project

Johns Island congestion, moving forward for better connectivity
Johns Island congestion, moving forward for better connectivity

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - People living on Johns Island are looking for traffic relief and hoping there's an end in sight.

On Tuesday night, Charleston County Council approved a finance committee recommendation on the Maybank Highway Improvement, but that doesn't mean the construction is going to start tomorrow.

The recommendation council approved would continue the right of way negations with the land owners and ask staff to provide an updated traffic study for a northern pitchfork road.

The pitchfork design aims to alleviate traffic coming off and on Maybank Highway and includes a northern and southern pitchfork design.

Charleston County Council Chairman Vic Rawl said council had some minor issues with the northern pitchfork and said they would like staff to come up with a recommendation, but Rawl said that shouldn't take long.

Rawl said it when comes to the southern pitchfork they have severe issues with permitting and financing.

Charleston City officials have been working on this project with the county.

Hours before Tuesday's county council meeting, Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg asked county council to appropriate funds and construct both the new northern and southern pitchforks.

Tecklenburg also said in a letter to Rawl that the soon-to-be-finished citywide transportation plan shows as many as 33,000 vehicles could be driving daily on Maybank highway by 2040.

Tecklenburg also said if they are going to be serious about relieving traffic for Johns Island, they need to move forward with both pitchfork plans.

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