Charleston restaurant owner arrested for assault and battery

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A prominent Charleston restaurant owner has been arrested for assault and battery.

Osama "Sam" Mustafa, who owns several downtown businesses including Toast, Eli's Table, and Tabbuli was accused of those crimes last month.

A woman told police that on Feb. 24th Mustafa assaulted her behind Halls Chop House on King Street.

She says he grabbed her hair, and pushed her onto the ground where she hit her head.

The woman waited until April 18 to meet with Charleston police and told them she didn't want to file a report because Mustafa is well known in the area.

Mustafa was released from jail on Monday after posting bond.

Andy Savage, who represents Mustafa, released the following statement:

We have recently initiated an investigation of allegations of a simple assault. Since the accuser did not appear yesterday for a collateral court hearing that she initiated, we were unable to question her or to obtain her statement under oath. 

The accuser's recent conduct, which is inconsistent with the reported allegations, leads us to believe that Sam's arrest was a malicious reaction to rejection. 

We look forward to the next court date in anticipation of uncovering the truth. 

The investigation began on April 18 when a Charleston police officer spolke to a woman who said on Feb. 24 at 1:30 a.m. she was assaulted by Mustafa behind Halls Chophouse on King Street.

The officer said the woman explained that she had recently cut ties with Mustafa regarding a relationship that had been "on and off" over the past few weeks. She said Mustafa had been texting and calling her all night but she had asked him to stop.

According to the victim, later in the night, Mustafa found her and attempted to make contact with her while she was inside Halls Chophouse. At that point, the victim said she believed it was best to leave the restaurant, so she went out the back exit towards the parking lot.

The victim said as she was leaving the restuarant she heard Mustafa calling her name, came up to her and started to talk to her.

The victim told the officer that Mustafa grabbed her by the hair causing her to bend over while forcing her face toward the ground.

A police report states,"As he continued to do this she was yelling,'Please stop, please stop.'"

The victim said Mustafa let go of her hair, pushed her chest causing her to fall backwards, and hit the back of her head on the ground. According to the victim, an employee at the restaurant saw the incident take place.

The victim told police that she took an Uber to Roper Hospital. The victim said hospital staff told her she suffered a concussion, a broken tooth and had bumps and bruises on her arms and head from the incident.

The victim said she had many reasons why she did not want to file a report before contacting police in April including the fact that Mustafa was well known in Charleston.

She also told police that she was constantly being contacted by Mustafa by phone, email, and showed up at her home uninvited.

The victim said she has texts and emails specifically regarding apologies from Mustafa for the incident that happened in February. She also said Mustafa paid $600 for her hospital bills.

Mustafa was also sued by another woman who claimed he raped her aboard his yacht in 2011.

Those charges were dropped for insufficient evidence in 2013.

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