Cops: Man decides to rob Goose Creek gas station after getting kicked out of home

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Police say a 20-year-old man decided to rob a Goose Creek gas station after getting kicked out of his mother's home.

The Goose Creek Police Department charged  20-year-old Daniel Culley Tumbleston with third-degree assault and battery, kidnapping, and strong armed robbery

The investigation began Wednesday night when a police officer responded to the Sunoco on St. James Avenue for a strong armed robbery.

Police received a description of a man who reached over the counter and stole money from the cash register.

Employees and witnesses called 911 reporting that the suspect fled on foot and was heading towards a neighborhood. The suspect was found and detained at a nearby shopping center on 303 N. Goose Creek Blvd.

The officer said the suspect smelled of alcohol and noted the suspect's eyes appeared red and glossy.

An employee said the incident began when the suspect went to the bathroom, and when he came out he explained that he was kicked out of his mother's home and he was now going to rob the store.

The employee said she was unsure if the suspect was joking or not, so she tried to speak with him more.

Police said the suspect then became angry, grabbed the employee by the neck and forcibly escorted her to the cash register.

The victim said the suspect held her by her neck and demanded she open the cash drawer.

According to a police report, the suspect said,"I will snap your ******* neck if you don't open the drawer."

Police said as he kept his grip on the victim, the suspect took money from the register with his free arm.

The employee reported the suspect then grabbed his beer and food and took off.

During the incident, the employee said the suspect caused a cut to her wrist which was bleeding.

Another employee said she witnessed the incident, dialed 911 and followed the suspect outside the store to provide dispatch crews information on where the suspect fled.

The victim positively identified the suspect.

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