St. George man arrested for chasing ex-son in law with loaded gun on school grounds

ST. GEORGE, SC (WCSC) - A St. George man was arrested Monday after police said he chased his ex-son-in-law with a loaded gun on school property.

St. George Police Chief Brett Camp says the suspect, 74-year-old Edward Hill, Jr., brought the handgun to St. George Middle School Friday afternoon.

Hill has been charged with carrying a weapon on school property, assault and battery second degree and disturbing school. Bond was set at $50,000.

According to the incident report, the ex-son in law went to school to pick up one of his kids. St. George Police say Hill also went to St. George Middle School to try to pick up his grandchild.

According to a report, Hill went to the school to try to stop the father from getting the child.

The ex-son in law told officers Hill got out of his car and charged at him and his three children with a pistol in his hand.

The ex-son in law managed to drive away.

Hill told investigators he did not point the gun but brought it with him to confront the former son-in-law about a custody issue.

"Fortunately the defendant never actually pointed the gun at anyone," Camp said."He kept it to his side from everything we've determined."

The ex-son in law and his ex-wife share custody of the children and the mom was supposed to have them for Mother's Day weekend, the report states.

However, the ex-son in law told officers that he has primary custody and final decision-making authority and he was concerned about their overall safety.

In court, Hill's attorney asked the judge for a PR. bond. He said Hill is well known in the St. George community, has no criminal background and is not a flight risk.

But Camp said he is concerned about the charges.

"The community is very concerned," he said."I've had a number of phone calls, parents have not actually let their children go to school today."

As part of the bond conditions, Hill was ordered to stay away from St. George Middle School, the town's elementary school and his accuser.

Camp also says the State Law Enforcement Division will revoke Hill's concealed weapons permit Tuesday morning.

Dorchester County School District 4 released this statement Monday afternoon:

On Friday, May 11, 2018, around 2:45 p.m. an individual came to the campus of St. George Middle School armed with a firearm. The quick action of our school resource officer working with the St. George Police Department had the individual in custody before he could pose a threat to any children or employees. This incident did not involve any district employees or students.

Local law enforcement is taking the lead in the investigation and filing appropriate charges. At this time, this appears to be an isolated incident.

We did take this opportunity to ask law enforcement whether there are additional measures we should take to protect our children in the future. As of now, we are advised that our current system is working and law enforcement did not advise of any changes.

As always, the safety of every child is our number one goal. We ask everyone to remain vigilant and keep the safety of our schools a top priority. We will keep the public informed of any new developments.

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