Charleston's planning commission recommends draft City Transportation Plan to city council

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston's Transportation Plan draft is on its way to City Council for approval.

It's a list of recommendations to help improve mobility and traffic in the area, how to implement them and estimated funding and sources.

The plan designates 13 areas for improvements.

Three are referred to as hot spots and the other ten are intersections.

There are plans to make roads more pedestrian and biker friendly.

The Director of Traffic and Transportation for the City of Charleston Keith Benjamin says people say they would choose other modes of transportation if they felt safe.

This is the first time the plan has been shaped by public input.

There were several public meetings where city staff could learn what people wanted to see improved or changed.

When City Council approves the draft the projects will then be considered for local, state and federal funding through the Berkeley County Dorchester Council of Governments.

The plan is in partnership with Council of Governments.

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