Lowcountry woman shares distant relative with new Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Jade Koller got married in Pennsylvania recently, but the wedding of a distant relative across the Atlantic ocean last weekend made a few more headlines.

Koller works the night shift at MUSC, and shares a great-great-grandfather with actress Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry over the weekend. The pair is now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Koller's great-grandfather was brothers with Markel's great-grandfather. Markle's father grew up in the same area of Pennsylvania as Koller.

"I had about 100 guests at ours and it was on the family farm in Pennsylvania that Meghan's great-great-grandfather was the original owner of," Koller said. " I didn't become a Duchess of Sussex but I did feel like a princess that day."

Koller added that she turned on the royal wedding Saturday after she got off work.

"I wish them all of the luck and happiness in the world, all of the patience and communication to not only make a marriage last through the years but to make a marriage thrive," Koller said. "Being in healthcare, I'm always thinking about helping people and making a positive impact in people's lives. I think it's awesome to have the connection with someone who has the potential to do so many things and have a positive impact on such a large scale. I truly hope they can do that."

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