Great Plains Storm Chase: Oklahoma residents remember busy tornado season

Oklahoma (WCSC) - Traveling to Oklahoma means it's likely your Uber driver has a tornado story to tell.

Allan Karbs has lived through an EF5.

"It went across the street where the black tops are and it took the black top off so there was nothing but dirt," he said. "The neighborhoods they were just flattened."

Amy Freedman, also from Oklahoma, has seen her fair share of tornadoes. She says one scared her off the highway.

"I drove into the parking lot of Sam's Club where I couldn't get the door open where I open the sunroof and crawled out of my sunroof," Freedman said. "It rained inside the store and we all took shelter inside the store under the cash register."

The tornadoes that become the most memorable ones are typically the strongest like EF5 tornado but Oklahoma hasn't seen a tornado since 2013.

There have been 16 tornados in Oklahoma this month which is considered low so far. All have been below an EF3.

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