Neighbors in West Ashley neighborhood say changes are needed

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Neighbors in Shadowmoss Plantations said a change needs to be implemented before someone gets hurt.

They say there have been problems with people not obeying traffic laws and they are asking the city to step up patrols.

"They'll go straight through," said Jessica Hoffman who lives in Shadowmoss. "They don't see anybody coming and they don't even really slow down much. I don't understand that."

Hoffman said she's experienced first-hand how dangerous drivers can be.

"Just last week my daughter was almost hit in the crosswalk crossing the bike path," Hoffman said. "My daughter was almost hit on the parkway once and she actually fell off her bike because she wasn't sure what to do. My son has had a couple of close calls where he's almost been hit. And then my daughter was hit by a car. So it's very personal to me. The whole situation is frustrating."

Situations like this is a reason neighbors have written the city's Department of Traffic and Transportation.

In addition to better enforcement – neighbors are asking for a traffic study for Shadowmoss Parkway. They are also requesting three-way stops to be added specifically to where Shadowmoss Parkway intersects Fitzroy Drive and Dunvegan Drive.

Neighbors added speeding is another huge issue.

"I personally have been passed on Shadowmoss Parkway more than once while I was doing the speed limit," said Susan Griffin, another Shadowmoss Plantation resident. "I've had people ride right on my tail and honk the horn and then get irritated and just fly around me because I'm doing the speed limit."

The main goal, they add, is just to make the neighborhood safer.

"We've requested traffic studies, more stop signs and speed bumps," Hoffman said.

According to Charleston police, from April 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018, there were 24 electronic citations given for speeding violations and eight citations given for disregarding a traffic signal or stop sign.

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