Teacher charged following investigation into assault at N. Charleston school

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - A teacher at a school in North Charleston has now formally been charged with third-degree assault following an incident at Military Magnet Academy.

Tiffany Williams was issued a courtesy summons Wednesday, which means she was not booked into jail. She was given a date to appear in North Charleston Municipal Court on the charge, according to North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor.

A 15-year-old student told police a teacher assaulted him in a Military Magnet Academy classroom on May 11. Williams has been placed on leave by the Charleston County School District.

On May 11, the school resource officer at Military Magnet was approached by a teacher with a student stating that he had just been assaulted by the teacher, according to the incident report.

The SRO then spoke with the 15-year-old male student who stated that at 10 a.m., the teacher approached him in the hallway while he was sitting on the floor with a jacket wrapped around his head. The student stated he had recently received a haircut and was embarrassed, according to the incident report.

The student stated in the report that the teacher told him to remove the jacket from his head because it wasn't school-issued. When the student refused, the teacher got angry, the report stated.

The student then tried walking past the teacher into a classroom when she tried to stop him and pushed him back, stating he needed to keep three feet away from her, according to the incident report.

After the student got past the teacher, she followed him into the classroom while he still had the jacket on his head, the report stated. The teacher continued to yell and then took the jacket off the student's head, the report stated. The student then pushed her to try and leave, but video shows the teacher grabbed him by the collar. When the student tried to go after her, he was stopped by other students, according to the report.

The student didn't receive medical attention, according to the incident report.

If convicted, Williams faces up to 30 days in jail or a $500 fine.

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