Great Plains Storm Chase: Patience key when tracking down storms

Nebraska (WCSC) - Patience is everything when trying to see the perfect storm. Forecaster Danielle Prinz has logged more than a 1000 miles with her storm chasing crew. On these trips models and radar are constantly monitored in hopes of finding a picturesque storm producing a massive tornado, which is wishful thinking for a chaser.

Regardless of the preparation, the success is not guaranteed. The past two days in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska has been filled with many losses and wins. Some storms have not developed and if they did they lost their energy. Prinz says it's frustrating at times and chasing requires a lot of patience.

Two storms, in particular, stand out in her mind. 1 in Colorado and 1 in Nebraska. They both produced torrential rain/hail and left behind amazing views. Inside the storm, it's a roaring monster, but from the outside in it's a peaceful giant. A perfect machine.

Prinz says she's been shocked at the amount of rainbows they team has seen. The best one yet has been a bright, double rainbow out of Colorado.

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