Safety check points already put in motion ahead of Memorial Day weekend

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The start to Memorial Day weekend is also the start to the 100 deadly days of summer.

With so many people expected to be on the roadways during the holiday weekend, Lowcountry law enforcement is stepping up.

The North Charleston Police Department already had its first checkpoint Friday night on Buist Avenue.

That's just the start of what agencies have planned.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol will also have extra patrols and safety checkpoints throughout the weekend.

The goal for all the precautions is to keep drivers safe out on the roadways.

"We're out here because it's Memorial Day weekend, one of the deadliest weekends in the year and it's also the beginning of the 100 deadly days of summer," said North Charleston Police Department Sgt. Anthony King. "We're out here to get a message to everyone to buckle up, don't drive impaired, make a plan, stay off your cell phone."

King said if you aren't safe, it can have deadly implications.

"The last thing we want to do is go up to somebody's house first thing in the morning and tell them their loved one's not coming home," said King.

King said one of the most common things officers come across are impaired drivers.

That's followed by aggressive driving and excessive speeding.

"It's a very serious thing out here right now," said North Charleston Police Department Lt. Rick Keys. "People are driving speeds way beyond their control."

Keys said he'd already seen that happen prior to the safety check.

He said he saw drivers going over 90 miles per hour.

"People on the road need to be looking in the mirror also for those vehicles coming up on them really fast and not paying attention, just get out of their way," said Keys.

Safety check points raise awareness for drivers to drive safely on the highway, but also to be safe inside their car.

"Seatbelts will your save life, restraints will save your life," said King.

Law enforcement agencies will be looking to make sure you are wearing yours this weekend, and being safe.

"Rain or shine throughout the weekend, we are going to be out here doing enforcement," said King. "We want everyone to know we're here, we want everybody to drive safely and we will address any issues that come up as far as anyone driving careless or reckless."

If you see a driver that law enforcement needs to tend to, call local law enforcement or dial *HP.

Another thing to remember, if you see an officer with someone pulled over it's illegal to not move over for them.

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