North Charleston firefighters praised for going above and beyond

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Firefighters respond to all types of emergencies, but one man believes a group from the North Charleston Fire Department went above and beyond to help his ailing mother.

Kenneth Manigault and his brother Wendell keep a close eye on their 83-year-old mother, Elizabeth. They got quite the scare when some unexpected visitors showed up earlier this month.

"When I came here and saw the fire department truck here I panicked," Kenneth Manigault said. "I knew my brother had already left to go to work so he knew nothing about it either."

He would feel more comfortable when he got inside and found three North Charleston firefighters working to fix his mother's nebulizer. Elizabeth Manigault uses the breathing machine to fight bronchitis. When the nebulizer malfunctioned, she called to report it. That call was routed to North Charleston Fire Station 3. The station is only a few blocks from her home.

Firefighters Michael Cahill and John Miller joined Captain David Willi on the call. When they arrived, they realized the machine was not working properly and were able to determine the problem. She needed a new mouthpiece. They left on a mission to find Mrs. Manigault a new mouthpiece and get her machine working again. The firefighters quickly realized this would not be a one-stop-shop experience.

"We went to Walgreens first and they were kind of shocked to see us," Firefighter Miller said.

They didn't find the piece they needed at the first stop but were directed to a medical supply store about a mile away on Rivers Ave.

"That was probably the most excitement we've had in a very long time," Angela Boltz of ABC Medical said.

Boltz and Linda Hamilton were working at the time. They said the firefighters were looking for a very specific piece of equipment. The woman got them the piece they needed and the men rushed back out the door. A short time later, Cahill, Miller, and Willi were back at the Manigault home to make sure Elizabeth had the medical help she needed.

"Sometimes it's the smallest effort in our job that makes the biggest difference," Cahill said.

Kenneth Manigault agreed.

"I thought it was outstanding," Manigault said. "It was above and beyond."

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