Mt. Pleasant transportation committee puts Long Point Rd. project on hold

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant town officials put a road project on hold after more than 100 people showed up at a transportation meeting Monday afternoon.

The town's transportation committee was slated to meet about a possible extension to Long Point Road. This extension would connect the road to Rifle Range Road and also intersect with the purposed Billy Swails Boulevard, which is a possible extension of Sweetgrass Basket Parkway to Hamlin Road.

Many people who live in the area are not happy with that plan and the potential traffic increases they believe would result.

Mayor Will Haynie estimated between 150 and 200 people showed up for the meeting at Mount Pleasant Town Hall and the ones who spoke were opposed to the idea.

They discussed traffic and crashes already frequent on Long Point, and how dangerous it is pulling out from their neighborhoods as it is.

The owner of Boone Hall spoke, too, and opposes this portion of the project.

The council members there spoke up and admitted this was giving them pause, then opted to put this project on hold for now.

Mount Pleasant officials have already begun public input meetings on Billy Swails Boulevard, and that project, along with developing a town park, are different phases and, for now, are still in the works.

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