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'Lockdown, lockdown:' Young students learn new nursery rhyme

(RNN) - A mom's photo  from her child's classroom has prompted a discussion online about lockdowns and mass shooting drills in school.

In a Twitter post, Georgy Cohen of Somerville, MA, shared a photo of song lyrics in her child's classroom. The photo has been retweeted more than 14,000 times.

The lyrics:

Lockdown, lockdown,
lock the door. 

Shut the lights off.
Say no more.

Go behind the desk
and hide.
Wait until it's safe inside.

Lockdown, lockdown,
it's all done.

Now it's time to have
some fun!

"This should not be hanging in my soon-to-be-kindergartner's classroom," she said.

The National Center for Education Statistics said 92 percent of U.S. public schools have active shooter drills or other action plans in place, based on its 2015-16 survey.

Cohen said her child already had experience with the drills in his pre-Kindergarten classes, and "was excited about it as a game to see if you can stay quiet for 'one whole minute.'"

One mother worried about how her autistic son, who "has a hard time understanding and following directions," will cope with lockdowns when he starts kindergarten.

A mom expressed mixed feelings about her daughter being prepared "if a bad guy comes to school. ... A part of me is glad they showed her, and another part of me is just sick that it had to happen."

Another mother shared a thread of her 12-year-old child's experience of being in a lockdown. She said she and her classmates were huddled in a corner, scared they were going to die.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been 23 school shootings with someone hurt or killed, or more than one a week, CNN reported.

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