Suspect in Charleston assault turns self in

VIDEO: Suspect in Charleston assault turns self in

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The suspect believed to be involved in an assault in Charleston has turned himself in, according to police.

Bobby Singleton, 25, turned himself in to the police Friday morning, according to Charleston police spokesperson Charles Francis.

The assault occurred at the 200 block of America Street.

The victim stated that he was staying at his girlfriend's house cleaning when he was assaulted by three people, according to the incident report. He said when he was upstairs cleaning the bedrooms he heard the door open and he went downstairs to see who it was.

When he got downstairs, according to the victim, his girlfriend and two men were standing at the bottom of the stairs.

The victim asked the men what they wanted and why they were at the residence. One of the suspects reportedly told the victim the girlfriend did not want him at the residence anymore. The victim told the men this was his girlfriend's house and he wasn't leaving. He reportedly went back upstairs to avoid further conflict when he was confronted by a third person shortly after.

Upon being confronted by the third offender, who has been identified at Tyquez Simmons, the victim said Simmons told him he had to go and proceeded to hit him in the face with a mop handle.

The victim told police he attempted to make his way downstairs to leave the residence when the other two men joined in with assaulting him.

The victim was reportedly able to make his way out of the residence whilst still being assaulted. One of the neighbors tried to get the offenders off the victim. She told the suspects she was going to call police at which point the suspects stopped assaulting him and began to leave the area.

The victim told police he went to his neighbor's residence where he contacted his aunt who then took him to the emergency room, where she called police in reference to the event.

Two other suspects believed to be connected with the assault have since been arrested.

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