Several women in downtown Charleston complain of possible 'peeping Tom'

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Numerous women in the Wagener Terrace neighborhood in downtown Charleston are voicing concern over recent sightings of a man peering through the windows of their homes and cars.

"I haven't personally witnessed anything, but it is really scary," Wagener Terrace resident Katherine Molleur said.

A police report filed by one of the concerned women describes the suspect as a white male with blonde hair. The report notes the suspect is approximately 5-foot 5-inches tall.

"It's super creepy and I don't want that," Molleur said. "I don't want someone looking in my windows."

Several women have commented on a Facebook post in a neighborhood group saying they have seen the man in similar situations.

The women who have made reports to the police said they have been encouraged to not speak on camera about their experiences until the investigation is concluded.

Several women living in the Wagener Terrace neighborhood said the area's history of car break-ins, thefts and past sightings of potential "Peeping Toms" didn't leave them surprised when they heard the news.

Resident Elizabeth Johnson recalls a similar situation that happened just last month.

"He had been just chilling there, smoking, behind the neighbor's window," Johnson said.

The woman who filed the police report said she noticed a cinder block on the left side of her house under her window, which she believes the suspect may have used to look inside her window.

Now people are spreading the word to stay cautious and alert for suspicious activity.

"It's just kind of an alert to keep my guard up," Johnson said. "You know, this is my neighborhood, so I feel comfortable in it, but anything can happen."

Officers from the Charleston Police Department are investigating this incident.

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