Berkeley County FEMA flood maps could change how much you pay

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Berkeley County now has updated FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps, or flood maps.

With the change in updated flood maps, some zones have changed and could determine whether or not your premiums will go up or down.

If your flood zone has changed it could cost you more than $1,000 between the premium and flood certification certificate, according to a local relator.

Some homes that may not have been in a flood plain before may be mapped into a different zone and will need flood insurance.

Other homes may have moved into a different zone out of the flood plain and will see a decrease in flood insurance premiums.

"The government is revising the flood maps to according to them accurately depict the actual hazard," Henry Lowndes with C.T. Lowndes & Company Insurance Agency said.

Lowndes has been working with one Berkeley County community in particular that will be paying more for flood insurance.

"Pimlico as a subdivision is the main one that has the biggest impact," said Lowndes.

Some people living in the Pimlico Plantation subdivision will have to pay new flood insurance premiums, and get an initial flood evaluation certificate. Lowndes said the certificate could cost $500 to $600. The certificate will help determine how much your premium will cost.

One Pimlico community member said he's happy to now be in the flood plain zone after bad floods caused thousands of dollars in damage to his home.

"We got hit with a pretty substantial bill for reconstruction on our house because we weren't required to have flood insurance it hit us pretty hard," said Brian Guerry.

Guerry said his neighbors are 50/50 on the new zoning. Not everybody in Berkeley County will have higher premiums, Lowndes said most people will be paying less.

"The homeowners are loving it because they're paying a lot less for flood insurance. The vast majority of them are, other than the Pimlico crowd," said Lowndes.

The new flood insurance maps will go into effect on December 7, 2018.

To see a full list of flood maps click here,  If you have any additional questions regarding your flood zone you can contact Berkeley County Floodplain Manager Penny Ayers 

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