James Island mayor wants to hire additional deputy after outbreak of violence

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The mayor of James Island wants to hire an additional off-duty deputy following a recent outbreak of violence.

"It's very rare that we have this kind of activity and it needs to stop," Woolsey said on Thursday.

On Sunday night, 28-year old Kurt Melton was found shot to death in a car on Greenhill Road.

On Tuesday, Charleston County deputies say a woman was shot and wounded in a house on the same street.

The Town of James Island pays three off-duty deputies to patrol the town.

That's in addition to deputies who already answer calls there.

Woolsey wants to hire a fourth off-duty deputy.

"I think residents are very concerned about crime and I think it will be a great help," the mayor said.

People who live on Greenhill Road agree.

"It's crazy out there," said Tae Simmons, whose cousin was killed

Tae Simmons is a cousin of the man who was killed Sunday night.

"We need more police officers around here. I mean it is going to be a hot summer," Simmons said.

"We need it. Just the last few couple of days it's just been getting out of hand so we can use that right now," said Lou Whaley who also lives on Greenhill Road. "I mean it's just the start of the summer, so a lot of times it normally gets worse, but hopefully with the extra deputy should be alright around here."

Woolsey says the fourth deputy will cost the town an additional $100,000.

He says the money is available in the general fund.

But the mayor says people who live in the town also have to do their part.

"There's not any way we can always stop crime. We need the people in the community to keep their eyes out and to report trouble, especially in Greenhill where we are having this very serious problem. But throughout the community we need the citizens' help as well," Woolsey said.

Charleston County investigators are still trying to find the people responsible for both shootings on Greenhill Road.

Town council was expected to approve the hiring of the fourth deputy at a special meeting Thursday night.

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