Request to remove car prompted resolution to censure mayor, says Summerville official

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - An email sent by Mayor Wiley Johnson to Town Administrator Colin Martin prompted town council to pass a resolution to reprimand the mayor for violating a code of ethics and conduct on Thursday night, according to Summerville's town clerk.

In the email, Johnson explains a car had been in a ditch for several days.

He asks Martin to "have it removed ASAP."

Town Council passed the resolution to censure the mayor 5-2 last night.

The resolution cites violations of a code of conduct and a refusal to sign that code as reasons for why the mayor should be punished.

That code was prepared back on June 8.

Every member of Town Council signed that letter except Mayor Johnson and Council Member Christine Czarnik.

They are also the only two members of Council to vote against Thursday night's resolution.

Over the phone, Council Member Aaron Brown explained town council proposed the resolution because the mayor is disrespectful.

Brown also said Council has received several complaints about the mayor from several town staff.

During a phone call, Johnson said he had no idea the email about the SUV prompted Thursday night's resolution.

He explained the resolution came out of the blue.

According to the Town of Summerville's public records, no formal complaints have been filed against Johnson since the start of his term.

Johnson declined an on camera interview, explaining it would be "premature" to speak on knowledge of the email that prompted the resolution.

Despite several phone calls and emails, no representative from Council agreed to an on camera interview to explain the reasoning behind why the resolution was proposed.

The resolution gives Johnson ten days to sign the code of ethics and conduct.

If he refuses, he could lose some of his leadership positions in the town, like his position on the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments and his position on the Finance Committee.

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