Charleston Miracle League athletes take the field with the Riverdogs

Charleston Miracle League
Charleston Miracle League

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Dozens of baseball players had the chance to take the field with the Charleston Riverdogs on Saturday.

The Charleston Miracle League partnered up with the Riverdogs for the Yankee's affiliate's annual HOPE week, a week focused on helping others preserve and excel.

"It's going to be the feel of a minor league baseball game and the kids are going to experience that,"

President of the Charleston Miracle League Bobby Rentz said.

Miracle League players had a game with Riverdogs players, coaches, staff and announcers.

For the miracle league players, it was something special. The Charleston Miracle League is a baseball facility for kids and adults who have specials needs and challenges.

The Miracle League field is the place they can call their own.

"To see these kids to be able to experience the game of baseball where a lot of times there was no opportunity for them to do that," said Rentz.

"Normally he wouldn't be able play anywhere and to get him to out here is a very special time," said Owen Weiter's dad Paul Weiters.

Owen has been playing baseball since he was just three years old, despite being confined to a wheel chair. His dad said some playing at Miracle League

is something special.

"Owen is just excited, his feet are stomping he is just all over the place because this is a special place, this is a special place," said Weiters.

"It's a miracle happening for these children for them to come out and be a part of the game more importantly to be appreciated," said Weiters. "When they come up to bat its enthusiasm and cheering them on. It's just a whole experience and it's wonderful

blessing for our community."

Once the game was over the Miracle League players were going to get ready to head to the Riverdogs game where they would be special guests.

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