Records: 41 civil rights violation cases investigated in Tri-County school districts

VIDEO: Records: 41 civil rights violation cases investigated in Tri-County school districts

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Tri-County school districts are among thousands across the country being investigated by the US Department of Education for alleged civil rights violations.

The nonprofit investigative organization ProPublica says the complaints can be filed by students and school staffers. In the past three years, 41 cases have been brought against four school districts in the Lowcountry.

The investigations, which include both school districts and colleges nationwide, include multiple allegations including school discipline and sexual violence.

Twenty-one cases have been filed against Charleston County Schools, 10 each have been filed against Berkeley County Schools and Dorchester School District Two, and one case has been filed against Dorchester District Four.

Of the 21 cases brought against Charleston County, 19 were found to have had no violations or corrective changes. But in two cases, violations were resolved. In a case opened in September 2015, there were concerns about free appropriate education for students with disabilities. That case ended with an unspecified agreement. And in a case a year earlier, a resolution was reached after concerns were brought up about discipline.

In Dorchester District Two, seven of the ten cases found no violations. A case from June 2016 was over concerns of education for students with disabilities and was resolved. In August 2015, an agreement was reached after concerns over different treatment and denial of benefits. And in September 2014, an agreement was reached over concerns with education for disabled students.

The ProPublica Report states that in both Berkeley County and DD4, none of the investigations found any violations.

Requests for comments from the school districts were not immediately returned.

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