Residents at Moncks Corner neighborhood concerned following reported dog attacks

Residents at Moncks Corner neighborhood concerned following reported dog attacks

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Some neighbors in the Moss Grove community of Moncks Corner are scared to go outside after residents said a pack of dogs has been attacking people's pets.

Officials with the Berkeley County Government office said there have been eight complaints of the dogs to Berkeley County Animal Control within the last six months.

"They're going to hurt a child," said Kerri Yoder whose cat was attacked. "I mean they're a pack mentality now and they're getting vicious."

Neighbors said they've been seeing a pack of three, and at one point, four dogs running around the neighborhood and attacking animals.

"They'll be around in the evening," said Kayla Courtnay."They'll be around in the mornings. You just don't know."

Courtnay said now it's gotten to the point that she can't even go outside with her kids.

"I am very fearful to let them out right now not knowing the dogs will come after a person or not," said Courtnay.

The dogs did go after Witch Kitty, Yoder's cat, that she and her family have had for ten years.

"Three dogs came up to our porch and they grabbed her out of her cat tree and chased her," Yoder said.

She said the dogs then chased her cat up a tree, before yanking her down.

"They did so much damage. She's had to do three surgeries. She was internally bleeding and she lost her leg," said Yoder.

Hannah Moldenhauer with Berkeley County Government said animal control doesn't know if the dogs are strays, or where they are coming from.

Moldenhauer said animal control came out to the Moss Grove community after one of the original callers said the dogs were dangerous, but after hours of searching, animal control said they could not find the dogs.

After more recent complaints, Moldenhauer said animal control set out a trap to catch the dogs.

"We went out to set the traps yesterday, and a lot of people didn't want the trap set in their yards," said Moldenhauer. "We tried to set multiple traps but we were only able to set one."

Yoder wishes more of her neighbors would be willing to help put an end to the dogs coming in their neighborhood.

"I guess because it hasn't affected them," said Yoder.

Moldenhauer said if you see the dogs, call animal control immediately, and until their caught she advises you to air on the side of caution.

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