Goose Creek residents say road construction is causing neighborhood flooding

Goose Creek residents say road construction is causing neighborhood flooding

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - The threat of Tropical Storm Beryl is resonating with people that live off Henry Brown Boulevard in Goose Creek.

Residents say they are having unresolved flooding issues because of nearby road construction.

Crews have been working on the street for months.

"They're widening Henry Brown to a five-lane highway," Goose Creek resident Stephanie Hunley said.

Hunley lives on Prestwick Circle off Henry Brown Boulevard.

"It's been going on for months and months," Hunley said."We still have our sandbags around our house from Irma."

Berkeley County officials report they are funding the project and that the South Carolina Department of transportation (SCDOT) is in administering and handling the work.

Construction started in 2017 and residents say flooding has been an issue from the start.

They also say big mounds of dirt from the construction are washing down their streets, sometimes even into their driveways every time it rains.

"They closed off our storm drains here, so all the red dirt flows down and doesn't have anywhere to go. Now it just backs up, fills up the whole road, floods, and is a hot, horrible mess," Hunley said.

Similar issues are seen on the other side of Henry Brown Boulevard.

"The water is backing up. It's not draining in the drains, there's flooding. Even the middle of the road has bubbles coming up and we're not even sure what that is," Goose Creek resident Bertram F. Bainter said.

Bainter lives on Cranford Road off HenryBrown Boulevard.

The concerns are heightened right now as the threat of storms is looming in the forecast.

Residents want the flooding issues fixed before things get worse.

"SCDOT has basically stopped taking phone calls and returning phone calls about anything we call about," Hunley said.

"If it floods out, we're almost guaranteed to be flooded," Bainter said."If they could possibly please help. We're trying to pay our taxes and keep our homes up to a good standard and we don't want to see it washed away."

Berkeley County and SCDOT officials report they have not received a complaint regarding the construction since December.

SCDOT sent out a crew Thursday evening to look into the issue.

They are sending another crew along with the project contractor to look again Friday morning.

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