Food app to help Charleston residents in need

Food app to help Charleston residents in need

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A local group is using a phone app to help those who need help finding a meal.

Food Rescue is a new app circulating through the Charleston community that lets certified donors give their extra food at the end of the day to those in need.

Through the app, members can locate unwanted food in their area, confirm they will retrieve it and then take it to the designated location.

"Everybody has to eat and if you don't know where your food is coming from or you're not getting nutritious food, then everything else in your life is going to be off," said volunteer coordinator Renee Orth.

Volunteers say that the app is made to be simple, so even those on their morning commute could take a few minutes to do a little bit of good.

"It doesn't take that much time to go pick up some vegetables and drop them off or donate a few hours to chop some vegetables," said volunteer Jennifer Saunders.

There are only thirty members in the Charleston area, but those already a part of the group say that it's hard to do this on their own.

"Lots of people have been doing Food Rescue, it can be pretty time consuming if one person is trying to take on the whole thing, and this is a way of spreading that around," said Orth.

The group says they hope that this is only the beginning for the app community.

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