$35 million in CCSD school improvements wrapping up as kids gear up for school

$35 million in CCSD school improvements wrapping up as kids gear up for school

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In the next 11 days the Charleston County School District will wrap up 80 large projects across the district.

"In the summer time most of the kids and staff get a vacation. We go to work," CCSD Executive Director for Facility Management Ron Kramps said. "We have a busy summer where we execute maybe 10,000 work orders. We do about 45,000 work orders a year and about 10,000 during the summer time."

Over the course of this summer, they have undergone 80 projects across the district and total up to about $35 million.

That money goes towards renovations, alterations, and big projects throughout the district.

"What we want to do is provide really nice facilities for the students and teachers and principals. Stuff that works all the time," Kramps said.

Two of the district's big summer projects included creating a $250,000 vestibule at West Ashley High School.

"So, we keep control of people who are coming in to the facility," said Kramps.

There's also a $1.1 million room renovation and reconfiguration being done at Midland Park Primary School.

Kramps said it's much better to spend money maintaining facilities than to have them break down.

"Can you imagine not changing your oil in the car?" Kramps asked. "You can spend $30 to $40 bucks to change the oil on the car, but you can spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars when the engine seizes up and fails. Which would you rather do? You'd much rather keep ahead of maintenance on your car or anything you own."

Kramps said by doing the maintenance, it saves you money.

"By doing that, your much more responsible with tax payer funding. It cost a lot to less to maintain a facility than fix it when it breaks down," Kramps said.

During the summer, maintenance teams also wax, repaint, replace carpet, put new roofs on facilities, replace the AC, and do a deep clean in all schools.

Overall, the facility budget that Kramps oversees is about $85 million.

That goes for the entire district. CCSD is also the largest school district in the state.

The $85 million is broken up into several different budgets including operating the facilities which Kramps said is about $50 million.

Kramps said $15 million goes to keeping the lights and power at all CCSD schools.

Paying for all CCSD custodians, grounds maintenance, trash, and pest controls totals out to around $20 to $25 million. Another $10 million goes to everyday maintenance such as changing filters and leaky faucets.

On top of that, Kramps said the additional $35 million goes towards big projects like the 80 they have been working on over the summer.

Kramps said the money comes from the CCSD general operating fund, gr ants, and the one cent sales tax.

School starts on August 20, and Kramps said he hopes to have all major projects completed by then.

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