Lifeguards treat 41 people for jellyfish stings on Friday at Isle of Palms

Lifeguards treat 41 people for jellyfish stings on Friday at Isle of Palms
IOP fire department treats 90 for jellyfish stings on the Isle of Palms on Saturday. (Generic picture - Source - Pixabay)

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - Lifeguards treated 41 reported jellyfish stings on the Isle of Palms on Friday.

According to park officials, that's not an uncommon number for this time of year, as jellyfish are common in the late summer months.

Viewers on Isle of Palms, Kiawah Beach and Folly Beach reported visitors also stung by jellyfish.

"Believe it! We had to leave Folly today for jellyfish stings," said Mindy Gazal Fontan.

Earlier on Friday, the National Weather Service issued a beach hazard for Coastal Georgetown County following multiple reports of jellyfish at area beaches.

Live 5 Meteorologist Stephanie Sine said it's not unusual to have so many sightings during this time.

Sine said one of the biggest factors is warm water temperatures in the ocean.

Jellyfish are so common in the Lowcountry that area lifeguards say they can see up to 20 stings a day.

Emergency officials said not all of them are severe, but the key is to not panic and get out of the water.

"It's their home. They're always there. It's the time of year when it starts to warm and you have to look out," Folly Beach administrator Emily Day said.

Folly Beach medical responders say if you notice any persistent swelling or severe long-term pain, don't count on just home remedies, you might be allergic.

Recently, there has been an uptick of sightings of another sea animal along the Lowcountry's coast. 

This past Wednesday officials on Folly Beach were advising visitors to be cautious after reports of multiple people being stung by Portuguese man o' wars.

One of the people stung was Ryan Godbout who posted a picture of his arm showing his injury. 

"Right away it was pretty excruciating. The first few minutes, really high on the pain scale," Godbout said.

He says your average sting wouldn't be hard to handle, which is why a Portuguese man o' war sting was his immediate thought.

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