Dangerous drivers on I526

By Tracey Amick, Live 5 news

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Thousands of cars every day drive on I526, and Sgt. Pat Carter with Mt. Pleasant police says many of those cars are going too fast.

"A lot of people are on cell phones or they are thinking about work," Carter said.  Sgt. Carter says they get calls from residents who are tired of it.

"We usually field a few a week- people complaining about the trucks or extremely fast vehicles," Carter said.  So we went out with Mount Pleasant police to try to slow them down.

The speed limit on part of 526 is 65 miles an hour and police are giving drivers a cushion - not pulling them over till they go at least 78.

Carter and the other officers busted several drivers speeding up to 85 miles an hour.  They're teaching drivers a lesson to keep the roads safe.