Get a weather radio today

WCSC-TV Live 5 News, SCE&G and Bi-Lo are joining together to help keep you and your family safe from Severe Weather here in the Lowcountry. Go by any local Bi-Lo location, use your Bi-Lo bonuscard and you can pick up a portable, NOAA Weather/All Hazards Alert Radio for a discounted price of $29.99!

The radio, an Oregon Scientific WR601 Public Alert Emergency Portable Weather Radio with SAME is lightweight, durable and easily transportable - yet also serves as a perfect Public Alert Certified Weather Radio for use in either the home or office!

Powered by batteries or an AC adapter, this affordable NOAA weather radio includes an attractive plastic desktop cradle and features SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology, allowing you to localize emergency broadcasts and monitor alerts from six local counties.

The public alert feature of this weather radio keeps you abreast of many various civil emergencies including nuclear accidents, terrorist alerts, hazardous material spills, etc.

The weather radio features an LCD display screen, backlighting for easy low-light or night viewing, and is equipped with a digital clock and daily alarm.

This stylish emergency alert weather radio monitors the seven NOAA emergency channels and also receives continuous National Weather Service weather and forecast information.

The versatile and reliable Oregon Scientific WR601 weather radio is a great choice for people who desire both a portable and desktop emergency alert radio all rolled into one stylish package!

  • strong>Features:
  • Monitors all seven NOAA emergency alert weather channels
  • Monitors civil emergency alerts
  • Features SAME technology allowing you to localize weather alerts
  • Affordable and easily transportable yet can also be used in the home or office
  • Electro-luminescent blue backlighting makes for easy low-light and night viewing
  • Operates on either batteries or using AC power adapter
  • SAME technology allows you to filter out non-local emergency alerts
  • Receives NOAA warnings of severe weather and environmental dangers
  • Also receives National Weather Radio broadcasts of local forecasts and regional conditions
  • Stand-by mode monitors three levels of alert: advisory, watch and warning
  • Includes LCD display with digital time and date functions
  • Attractive silver radio case features black trim
  • Matching desktop cradle included
  • Small, light and durable emergency alert weather radio
  • Reception range of up to 40 miles
  • Stand-by function ends when alert is received, triggering 100-decibel audio alarm and visual alerts
  • Includes crescendo alarm function and an 8-minute snooze alarm
  • Pressing the snooze alarm bar activates backlight for 10 seconds
  • Water and shock resistant case makes the weather radio perfect for outdoor use
  • Low battery warning icon
  • Belt-clip and stand options for use at home or on the go
  • 7.5 volt 350mA AC power adapter included
  • Requires 3 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included)
  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • SAME county codes
  • User Manual