How to program your weather radio

Time to program your weather radio!

Keep in mind, these radios allow you to program up to six different county codes. Only program those counties that you want to receive warnings for.

The National Weather Service suggests you program the county you live in, as well as a few counties to your west. That way, you'll get a heads-up when a severe storm is heading in your direction. For Example: If you live in Charleston County -- you might want to program Charleston County, Dorchester County and Colleton County.

The codes you're programming into these radios are called 'SAME codes'. Every county in the nation county has its own SAME code.
Here are the SAME county codes for the Live 5 News viewing area:


Beaufort: 045013
Berkeley: 045015
Charleston: 045019
Clarendon: 045027
Colleton: 045029

Dorchester: 045035
Georgetown: 045043

Hampton: 045049

Horry: 045051

Orangeburg: 045075

Williamsburg: 045089

For a list of all the SAME county codes here and across the nation, you can visit the NOAA Weather Radio website:
Now that you have the codes, and know which ones you want to program into your weather radio, here's how to do it.
1) Press the 'COUNTY' button on the front of the weather radio
2) Press the 'COUNTY' button again
3)Now press and hold that same 'COUNTY' button for 2 seconds until the numbers start to blink
4)You will input each at a time...starting with the first one. Since it's a 0 and that number is already showing up, hit 'COUNTY to go to   the next number.
5) The next number should be blinking. Use the UP and DOWN buttons on the left side of the weather radio to choose your next number. For Charleston County (045019) The next number would be a 4. So hit the UP button until the number 4 is showing, and then hit the COUNTY button.
6) The next number should be the same thing....and use the UP arrow button to get to your next digit. For Charleston County, it should be  5. Once the desired digit is showing, hit the COUNTY button again.
7)Continue selecting your numbers, and hitting the COUNTY button once each correct digit is selected.
8)When finished, hit COUNTY.
To input another county code:

  • 2nd County Code: Follow the same directions above, except press the COUNTY button 3 times before holding it down for 2 seconds.
  • 3rd County Code: Press the COUNTY button 4 times before holding it down for 2 seconds.
  • 4th County Code: Press the COUNTY button 5 times before holding it down for 2 seconds.
  • 5th County Code: Press the COUNTY button 6 times before holding it down for 2 seconds.
  • 6th County Code: Press the COUNTY button 7 times before holding it down for 2 seconds.

Once you've got all the codes entered, put your weather radio in a place where you can easily hear it when warnings are issued. It will only sound when a warning is issued for a county that you entered into your weather radio.