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High-tech Hookers in Charleston County

By Tracey Amick, Live 5 News


To cut down on prostitution, the Charleston County Vice Squad went off the streets and on line.

So vice detectives clicked on Craig's list under Charleston,  then they clicked on the erotic section and honed in on ads that were clearly advertising sex.

"Sometimes they would place ads that had "hump day" special for Wednesday or they'd change the spelling to make it more erotic... come see me and spell it not c-o-m-e", an undercover detective said.

After making contact on Craig's list they'd arrange a place and a price via email, texts, or over the phone.

"You actually solicited the services of these prostitutes? yes, how'd it go? pretty successful", an undercover detective said. "Fishing in a barrel? pretty much", he added.

In fact, just this month- they've arrested 27 men and women on prostitution charges. And these weren't just your stereotypical streetwalkers looking for cash for drugs.

"We had a couple that were just terrified that they were arrested and how it was gonna affect their family", an undercover detective said.

And at least one woman who calls herself a soccer mom -- leading a double life.

"She was very discreet tried to maintain a fulltime job while doing this", the detective added.

And many of these prostitutes were married!

"Some of their husbands would bring them to appointments-basically their husbands were pimping them out? basically yes", the detective said.

These detectives say after this story airs,  these hookers will likely lay low for a while.

But they'll be back, and so will police,  posing as johns to arrest them.


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