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Debi's Kids, Salvation Army Angel Tree sign-up has started

 By Tracey Amick, Live 5 News

CHARLESTON SC (WCSC) - Tyronne Shears says this is the second year that she hasn't had the money to put Christmas gifts under the tree. "Last year we woke up to no gifts and it was hard", Shears said.

Now, she hopes Debi's Kids and the Salvation Army Angel Tree will help with at least some of her kid's Christmas wish list. "She wants a Bratz Megahead Barbie doll she's been crying for it for 2 years", Shears said.

Registration for help started on Monday, and Captain Chris Thornhill says the word was out, and before they even opened their doors the line was the longest he's ever seen.

"Honestly we were stacked up to 61 when I came in,  I thought we were going to hit someone it was nuts", Thornhill said.

He says one reason the line was so long is that this year there are even more families that just don't have extra money.   "They have to make a decision are they gonna keep their lights on or are they gonna provide Christmas for their family", Thornhill said.

 Others thought Monday, was the only day.  "But that's not the case, were going to do it through this week and next week and the first week of November", Thornhill said.

 And when you do go register, be patient, there are many others that need help too.   It takes about an hour and a half to get through the line, the chapel and into the gym where volunteers take your information so make sure you have everything you need like photo id, social security cards and birth certificates for kids under 12, income verification and of course the sizes your children wear. That way, you can get in and out, and on your way with your Christmas concerns put to rest.

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