Scouting Fake Mystery Shopping Jobs

Tuscon, AZ(WCSC)- When it comes to shopping, dining out, or even watching a movie for free, most people would not turn down the chance.  Shoppers should be looking out for offers that seem to good to be true, because they may turn out to be not what they expected.

Tom Collier, with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona, talks about scams that involve groups who pose as mystery shopping companies.  There are many red flags associated with the mystery shoppers problem at hand. If you are told to give your personal checking account than its probably fake and you should be cautious.

Experts say to be careful when finding a mystery shopping job over the internet, through e-mail, or even in a newspaper.  Some may be legitimate, but there are a few that will reel you in, hook line and sinker.

"South-West Evaluations" is a Tucson company that is hiring mystery shoppers.  Donna Marie is the owner of the shop, and she states that there are myths to the whole mystery shopping job.  She mentions that it is not as easy as it may seem, and its not as glamorous either.

The job is not about freebies and making big money.  Mystery Shoppers must report detailed responses, note minute-by-minute accounts of service received, and even write an essay.  That is why if an offer seems too easy or too good to be true, then sometimes it probably is.