Drunk driving related crash kills mother, nurse

By Hatzel Vela, Live 5 News

Deborah Neidert-Bohl died in a five-car crash near the South Carolina-Georgia border, close to Savannah early Saturday morning.

Carlos Melendez, 22, was charged with felony DUI made his first court appearance.

A judge set bond for Melendez at $1 million for Neidert-Bohl's death and $800,000 for the bodily injury other victims suffered in the crash.

"My mom...she was a good person. She really liked her job. She worked hard to get where she was," Neidert-Bohl's oldest son, Richard Neidert, said.

Neidert-Bohl, 56, was a contract nurse on her way to work early that morning when the accident happened.

"It opened my eyes," said Neidert, who doesn't hide the fact he was arrested twice for DUI in the past.

"Now I see what families go through whenever they have someone killed by somebody being ignorant and [who] wanted to get out and drive drunk," Neidert said.

Neidert-Bohl had recently moved back to South Carolina to be closer to her youngest daughter who is pregnant.

She had been working at a Savannah hospital for two weeks.

Neidert said she loved helping people.

"She didn't deserve to die," he said. "As far as I'm concern, it ain't no different than him getting a gun and putting it to her head and shooting her," Neidert said of Melendez.

I wish bad things on him and I know that ain't the right thing to do, but I'll never get to see my mother again."

Neidert-Bohl is survived by her husband, her son Richard and two daughters, Michelle and Maggie.

Funeral arrangements are being handled by Sauls Funeral Home in Ridgeland.