Speed Patrol: Anchor and Regatta, James Island

By Tracey Amick, Live 5 News

(WCSC) CHARLESTON SC - De Mock lives in the Harborwood subdivision on James Island. She says cars are cutting through and going way too fast.   "This isn't Ft. Johnson road,  it isn't Harbor View road, it's not Folly Road this is a neighborhood", Mock said.

So we called the Charleston County Sheriff's Office and deputies Herman Martin and Scott Jackson went to work slowing them down. They busted some speeders, but speeding wasn't the only law broken.   "They go through these stop signs as if they don't exist", Mock said.

Car after car,  flying through with total disregard!  "We've had some blowing through without even braking", Deputy Jackson said.

Vandals even wrote on one stop sign in indelible ink:Stop means Stop, Stupid!!.

"They are not yield signs,  slowing down is not gonna cut it", Jackson said.  He and Deputy Martin issued quite a few citations to the offenders "4 point violation and 237 dollars", Jackson said.  After our speed patrol the speeders say they'll remember to slow it down from this point on.   "If it's 25 then I'll go 25", one speeder said.  And Jackson thinks the stop sign runners will remember too   "Their insurance companies will make sure they remember that for a while", Jackson said.