Proposed School Changes

The Fiscal Reality:

$28 million projected shortfall; revenues have significantly decreased; costs have significantly increased; the district, due to state education law, has limited ability to increase its budget

1. School Closures:

  • District 1: McClellanville Middle
  • District 2: Brentwood Middle
  • District 20: Fraser Elementary
  • District 23: Schroder Middle
  • Magnet: Charlestowne Academy

2. Grade Modifications:

  • Charleston Progressive stays open as K-6, 7th and 8th graders attend home schools
  • Jane Edwawrds stays open as k-6, 7th and 8th graders attend Baptist Hill
  • District 23 and 1 keep rising 6th graders in elementary schools
  • Baptist Hill, Lincoln High adds 7th and 8th grades

3. Program Consolidations

  • Child and Family Development Center moves into Burns Elementary

4. Rural School Covenant

  • Jane Edwards and Frierson stay open with "per pupil plus" formula
  • Community partnership to supplement school service

5. Other Considerations

  • Montessori Program in Frierson extra space option, possible James Simons rebuild in future
  • District 9, 7-12 redesign to monitor enrollemtn
  • Archer and Fraser to be used as swing spaces
  • Move forward with construction of EB Ellington

6. Delayed Actions

  • Clark Academy land sale in District 3
  • Charleston Charter School for Math and Science