A Christmas Wish Answered

By Bob Behanian, Live 5 News


In their younger years, Kendria and Kenya Nesbitt walked down the steps to get their presents under the tree but this is no ordinary holiday. This year they wanted something their mother wasn't able to buy, a chance to see President Elect Barack Obama's inaguration live in person.

"I want to be a a part of history, I didn't get to see Martin Luther King, so this would have been special" said Kendria.

"We all wanted to go but can't afford it, so we will be watching here with their friends" added her mother Alesia.

If the Nesbitt sisters friends want to see them on January 20th, they''ll have to turn on their televisions because today their Christmas wish was answered and not by Santa. Carla  and members of the Truth and Fellowship Ministries Church heard about the sisters hopes of seeing the first African American President sworn in and they were able to make their dream a reality.

"We saw the passion of the two sisters and wanted to help in any way we could. So I found some other sponsors. I am so happy for me and my daughters and i want to thank everyone for making this a great christmas" added Aleisha.