Speed Patrol: Orleans Road, West Ashley

By Tracey Amick  bio | email

(WCSC) CHARLESTON SC - Melvin Scott waits at the bus stop on Orleans Road and says getting there on foot can be pretty scary.   "I don't get too close to the road", Scott said.

This stretch of road runs from Paul Cantrell to the Citadel mall, there are lots of houses and no sidewalks on either side of the road.

And with cars speeding by, one missed step could be the difference between life and death.

So we called out the Charleston City Police Department and Officers Heath King, Matt Smoak, and Scott Bechtold went to work, slowing these cars down in this 30 mile an hour zone.

Car after car was pulled over, for breaking the law. And every driver we talked to didn't even know what the speed limit was!   Officer Matt Smoak says most offenders were going at least 12 over the limit. "We've been getting speeds ranging from 42 to 45 a couple of 43s and 44s", Smoak said.

That's dangerous on a road with no room for driver error.   "We had a couple of accidents on this road in the past couple of weeks", Smoak said.

Most of the drivers say this isn't the way they normally drive  "I'm just late going to work my fault I was speeding", one speeder said.   "I don't usually go this way", another speeder said.

And they all say after our Speed Patrol, they won't speed again.