How The Stimulus Affects S. Carolina

By Bob Behanian  bio | email

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The stimulus bill is designed to give a boost to specific areas - education, health care, infrastructure and energy.  Experts and local officials believe this will get South Carolinians out of the unemployment line.

"We are going to have this much going to infrastructure so in order to deploy that money. We will have to repair 'x' amount of bridges and roads so we will need this many people to do it," said Alcus Financial Group Preseident Joseph Baker.

"In South Carolina we will quickly see bridges and roads constructed and people employed in that," said Charleston Mayor Joe Riley.

Mayor Riley is happy about a part of the bill that funds energy conservation. If things fall into place that will help bring jobs to our area.  "It's for local governments to fund initiatives that promote energy conservation."

"One area you are looking at is renewable energy incentives. There is going to be a lot of incentives for company's to bring work into area. That is where a lot of the jobs will be created."

The Mayor hopes Charleston will have one of the first projects funded by the stimulus. He wants to build a gold standard gymnasium for the community. He's wasting no time in getting this project going.

"We think the bids will come in March, could be ready in April. Everybody who is going to be working on that job will benefit from the stimulus money."

The stimulus plan is to give people jobs and money. That will hopefully have consumers feeling better about their security which will in turn pick up the pace of their spending.