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Lane closures on Hwy 61 start Monday

Wanted: Video captures man in cowboy hat, trench coat breaking into SUV

Wanted: Video captures man in cowboy hat, trench coat breaking into SUV

Trump: Barr to be attorney general

President Donald Trump described William Barr as a "highly respected" attorney.

Lowcountry business awarded with top honor

4 St. Louis officers plead not guilty to allegedly beating undercover officer

Prosecutors say the victim was working undercover when the officers beat him, thinking he was a protester.

VIDEO: Some Christmas parades cancelled or postponed

VIDEO: James Island group celebrating Arbor Day in SC

Woman got fatal brain-eating amoeba infection from Neti pot, doctors said

The woman had been suffering seizures when doctors discovered a tumor in her brain.

One dead after house fire in downtown Charleston

VIDEO: One dead in downtown Charleston house fire

How marijuana laws have changed

The legalization of marijuana was on the ballot in four states during the midterm elections.

YouTuber Logan Paul’s video leads to arrest of tiger cub owner

A California man is facing charges for illegal possession a tiger cub. The tiger appeared in a YouTube video last year.

Trooper credits assistance in response to deadly semi-school bus wrong-way crash

Trooper Matt Frizzell praised local law enforcement response to the crash, which included some minor secondary crashes.

GRAPHIC: Homeless man shoves stranger in front of truck

The suspect has been charged with attempted murder. The victim remains in critical condition.