What you need to know to prepare for flooding in Georgetown

What you need to know to prepare for flooding in Georgetown
Residents are also advised that some areas, even those not predicted to flood, may become isolated due to flooded roadways. (Source: Leonard, Jaquan)

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - Georgetown officials are strongly urging residents in the City of Georgetown, Plantersville, and areas west of Hwy 17 on Waccamaw Neck to evacuate due to likely flooding that some over the past week have categorized as potentially historic.

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Residents in areas not expected to flood are also urged to evacuate as roadway may become isolated, according to a statement by Georgetown County spokesperson Jackie Broach. The Waccamaw River could crest in the area Tuesday or Wednesday with certain areas seeing anywhere from 6-10 feet of flooding and perhaps more.

Monday morning, Georgetown County moved to OPCON 1 which is the highest state of emergency operations. Officials say even those who don’t live in flood zones should consider evacuating because they could become isolated if road conditions deteriorate.

Expected flood zones can be tracked on the on the South Carolina Department of Natural Resource’s website.

More than 100 National Guard troops are in the area to help residents evacuate and help county officials prepare for the eventual flooding. SCDOT is also working to put up an aquadam on Highway 17 to try and keep water off the road.

Sandbag distribution

Georgetown County has added a third day of sandbag distribution. The county will distribute free pre-filled sandbags to residents at three locations on Monday. Sandbags will be distributed in the Pawleys Island at the following locations:

· Beginning at 10 a.m., a large supply of ready sandbags will be available for pickup at Waccamaw Middle School, 247 Wildcat Way, Pawleys Island. This distribution will end when supplies run out.

• Waccamaw Middle School, 247 Wildcat Way, Pawleys Island. Residents are asked to access this site via Willbrook Blvd. • China Chill gas station, 7919 N. Fraser St. (near the Choppee Rd. intersection).

Sandbags will be limited to 10 per household and residents will need to bring proof of county residency to pick up sandbags. Sandbags will only be provided for individuals who are present with proof of residency. Officials anticipate Monday will be the last day for sandbag distribution.


Parking will be available for residents in areas predicted to flood.

· Collings Barber School and Community Center, located at 622 Washington St., Georgetown, has offered to make its property available for residents in flood-threatened areas to leave vehicles and boats during flooding.

· Space is also available on the Waccamaw Neck at the Village Shops. For that location, please stop in at Tidelife Vacation Rentals for a windshield pass.


Georgetown County will open emergency shelters on Monday at 7:00 a.m. at the following locations:

· Georgetown High School, 2500 Anthuan Maybank Drive, Georgetown

· Waccamaw Middle School, 247 Wildcat Way, Pawleys Island

Both locations will have sections that accept pets. However, the following conditions are imposed for those coming in with pets.

· Pets must be crated to be admitted. This goes for dogs, cats and any other animals brought in.

· Pets must be attended at all times by the person(s) bringing them in. That person will be responsible for all the pet’s care, including feeding, walking, etc.

· People should bring food, medication and any other items pets will need while being sheltered.

Georgetown County will provide free transportation on Tuesday for county residents who need help reaching emergency evacuation shelters. This will be the only time the county will offer shelter transportation for this flooding event.

On-demand transportation to the county’s shelters in Georgetown and Pawleys Island will be available on Tuesday, Sept. 25, from noon until 4 p.m. It is imperative that anyone who needs to evacuate and is unable to arrange to reach an emergency shelter on their own request a pick-up during these hours. There will not be another opportunity provided to obtain door-to-door transportation to evacuation shelters after 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

Anyone wishing to request transportation to a shelter should call (843) 545-3195 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to schedule a ride.


The Georgetown County School District has announced that schools will close in preparation of flooding. The Parks and recreation department will also be closed beginning Monday.

The school district will be closed Monday, September 24, according to a statement from GCSD spokesperson Ray White.

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