Warnings issued to Georgetown community as more flooding expected this week

Warnings issued to Georgetown community as more flooding expected this week

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Georgetown County officials reported on Monday that they are seeing water level rise, and as they enter the next few days they could see levels continue to rise.

During a presser Monday afternoon, they spoke about concerns seeing waters go over roadways in the northern end of the county with flooding along the Pee Dee River.

According to emergency officials, it may not be long before there are bridge closures near the Horry and Georgetown county line.

Crews are continuing to work with DOT to take protective measures along the road coming into Georgetown. Officials say the entrance to Highway 17 North could possibly close due to water levels.

County officials say they are not going to officially issue an evacuation order and there will be no set time for people to leave.

Authorities are using social media posts and emergency phone calls to potential flooded areas to warn people what could come. They want people to take action soon.

Right now, officials say they are expecting to see peak water levels on Wednesday night and into Thursday.

Emergency manager for Georgetown County Sam Hodge says they are at OPCON 1 which is the highest level that can be issued.

Hodge says they are prepared to open more shelters if needed.

He also says several agencies are assisting including FEMA, search and rescue, the National Guard and more.

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office says if the flood map shows you are in a flooded area, you need to leave.

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