Every SC school district will get less money for P.E. teachers because of state law mistake

Every SC school district will get less money for P.E. teachers due to state law mistake

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Every school district in South Carolina will get less money for Physical Education teachers this year because of a mistake in a state law proviso last year.

The South Carolina Department of Education says P.E. is an important part of a student’s school experience.

We noticed SCDE’s budget projections for this school year showed a total of nearly $1.6 million less allocated for student health and fitness, which helps fund PE teachers in local schools.

For example, Charleston County is set to get $115,000 less than last year.

Berkeley will get $75,000 less.

Decreases are projected for DD2, DD4, Georgetown and Williamsburg. In fact, that particular funding will decrease for every school district in the state.

SCDE said it traces back to a mistake in state law last year.

As funding sources changed, the proviso directly SCDE what percentage of funds to allocate was not updated.

Districts were paid 6% more than intended for PE teachers last school year.

This year, the proviso has been updated and funding will go back down, closer to what it was two years ago.

A spokesperson for DD2 told us in order to keep all jobs in place when changes like this happen in funding, they’ll try to find the money elsewhere in the budget.

The state said school districts will get more money this year for school nurses.

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