VIDEO: Special-needs student allegedly bullied, assaulted, police investigating

VIDEO: Special-needs student allegedly bullied, assaulted, police investigating
A female student allegedly told the male student he smelled. She also hit him in the head. (Source: KCAL/CNN)

LANCASTER, CA (KCAL/CNN) - Cellphone video of a fight in a California high school has students and administrators up in arms.

VIDEO: Special needs student allegedly bullied, assaulted, police investigating

A brief argument can be seen before a female student hits a male student in the head.

Cellphone video shows the moment a Lancaster High School student assaults one of her peers.

The male teen then swings back but misses.

“There’s two stories,” said Samantha Tirada, a sophomore at the school. "Some people are saying he was rude, others are saying because his clothes smelled bad, and she felt the need to say something and he got upset and he started arguing with her.”

“You are walking around with the same (expletive) clothes every (expletive) day,” someone says in the video.

The girl then walks away while the person recording laughs at what's going on.

"That some ugly (expletive) white (expletive),” someone said. “A special ed kid, bro."

It’s at that moment when the physical altercation begins.

Students said the boy in the video has special needs.

"It's wrong, you shouldn't do that,” Tirada said. “There's no logical reason to bully someone for something that they have no control of."

One parent also said something similar.

"My initial reaction is that I just don't see anyone around and I even just see the other kids backing away and just watching and feeding it," said Veronica Jimenez.

Jimenez says aside from staff and students, parents also need to step up when it comes to bullying.

"We definitely needed to talk to our kids more, but we need to example it more. I mean, that's the way you learn, by being exampled to," she said.

“This type of behavior is not tolerated at any of our schools,” the Antelope Valley Union High School District said in a statement. “Appropriate action has been taken with the parties involved by the both the school and law enforcement.”

Students say the teen who was assaulted has autism.

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