Georgetown Mayor wants studies of waterways after city spared from flooding

Georgetown Mayor wants studies of waterways after city spared from flooding
The Georgetown Mayor wants a closer look at why the town was spared. (Source: Krueger, Nick)

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - The City of Georgetown was mainly spared from the flooding that resulted from Hurricane Florence.

VIDEO: Georgetown Mayor wants studies of waterways done after city spared from flooding

At one point, projections had Front Street in downtown Georgetown getting up to ten feet of water. It ended up getting none.

“Lessons learned would be to do a complete study of our estuaries, bay areas, the whole deal here in Georgetown,” Georgetown Mayor Brendon Barber said. “So we’ll know the impact of water. How it flows. How it spreads. We don’t have that exact information yet. Working with the state along with the federal government, I think we can get that done.”

These studies would help provide a better idea of where that water would flow if coming downstream. The city and county then would have more information to base projections off of and therefore possibly creating more accurate forecasts. Those would in turn help with decisions like who should evacuate and who could stay.

The mayor also responded to residents who may be frustrated that they evacuated and there ended up being no significant flooding in the city.

“Seeing what I saw this past Saturday, the devastation and destruction [in other parts of Georgetown and Horry County], I’m happy that we prepared and that we had the first responders and the supporters here in Georgetown these past four weeks,” Barber said.

He also made a promise to businesses which have been closed for weeks.

“We will spend all our time now marketing Georgetown to bring what you lost back.”

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